We have a common mission, vision and strategic goals, by promoting detailing, building its popularity and providing quality products. We as a brand want to conquer the market and build a stable position on the worldwide market


We want to provide people around the world with effective and easy to use products  that will be recurrent for years to come. We want to reach people who have not yet discovered our brand and show how it’s worth staying for longer.


We show that you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours cleaning your ride. Of course, detailing requires time and skills. However, without experience, you can also have a clean car. GOOD STUFF shows that you can safely and easily start your adventure with car care products. It is you why we create our cosmetics and kits that are user friendly. Come into this world with us.


We promote the idea of ​​car care and undertake many activities  for increasing  popularity  of auto detailing industry in Poland and worldwide. Through numerous channels, we create content in such a way that everyone  unfamiliar with the industry can understand it. We publish many tutorial materials thanks to which absolutely everyone will gain useful and valuable knowledge about car care.

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