Jako pasjonaci nie tylko branży motoryzacyjnej, ale również fani sportu i zdrowego trybu życia, angażujemy się w różnorodne projekty z tych obszarów.

White TT Project

A clean and maintined car is essential for him. As he himself claims, being WORK STUFF / GOOD STUFF ambasador is like pointing a”dot over I” in his detailing history. He mainly shows his white Audi TT at various automotive events. And most importantly, “White TT Project is more than just a car” – with these words Tomek convinced us that we must work together!

B8 By Bialy

Passion? Unusual cars and their maintenance. This hobby led Maciej to detailing. The word “extraordinary” is not a coincidence, because this is exactly how you can describe his Passat B8. In this Volkswagen you can feel the soul of its owner, what makes this car absolutely unique.

Celica VII gen.Celinka By MatiX

We don’t write much about Mateusz because he doesn’t like to write about himself. A Japanese motorization fan, an amateur mechanic, a lover of detailing – short, concise to the point. Modifications list of his Toyota Celica VII gen. defends itself. Be sure to check out his socials and you will understand what we mean.