Leather Cleaner

AVAILABLE CAPACITY: 200ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml/5000ml

Ready to use automotive leather upholstery cleaner It easily removes dirt from leather elements, and at the same time it is completely safe for the cleaned surface. It can be used for heavy embedded dirt and regular care. Leaves a pleasant leather scent. Creates a stable foam to avoid soaking of the cleaned element. 200ml bottle is additionally equipped with a built-in foam pump. Larger volumes should be applied with a foam bottle. For the best user experience use with a dedicated leather cleaning brush.


  1. Apply the product with a foam bottle (not applicable for 200ml capacity)
  2. Apply foam to the leather cleaning brush
  3. Spread the product over the surface and work out
  4. Collect dirt and excess product using microfiber


Do not use on nubuck, suede and oiled leather