Aqua Soft Shmapoo

AVAILABLE CAPACITY: 250ml/500ml/1000ml

PASSION Line created for every clean ride enthusiast. It’s not only a beautifuly packaged product but most of all great quality cosmetics. They look great and work great. Created of passion for detailing.

A car shampoo that contains water softeners. The product provides good slip when working with the paint, high foaming properties, and helps to soften the water, thereby reducing the formation of deposits on the paint. Its neutral pH is completely safe for paints with applied waxes and coatings. The comfort of work is enhanced by the perfumed scent and the slow-drying structure of the formula.


  1. Rinse the car with pressurized water.
  2. Pour about 30-40ml of the product into a bucket for every 10L of water.
  3. Mix the shampoo with water using a strong water jet.
  4. Wash the car with a glove or microfiber sponge from top to bottom.
  5. Rinse the car under pressure.
  6. Dry the car.