Sour Foam

AVAILABLE CAPACITY: 500ml/1000ml/2000ml/5000ml

Acidic pH active foam concentrate. Due to its acidic pH spectrum, it has a greater cleaning power compared to neutral pH foams. New and improved product formula makes it last even longer on the car’s paintwork. Can be used with foamers, manual foamers or as a spray on solution. Especially recommended for ceramic coated cara or during preparation process for its application. Additionally, the foam is enriched with a pleasant Coca Cola fragrance to improve work comfort.


  1. Apply on a dry vehicle
  2. Apply with a foam gun
  3. Cover whole cleaned surface
  4. Rinse it off with a high pressure after 5-7 minutes


  • Dilution ratio (reccomended) for foam gun from 1:9 up to 1:5
  • Hand foam spayer use 50-60ml per 1L
  • Do not use in direct sun or warm elements